As light as the air and as beautiful as a melody”


Aria Headshot

Look at those eyes!

Beautiful Aria is a victim of economic circumstances as her previous owners could not afford her care.  But they did the responsible thing and surrendered her into the care of Riata Ranch Rescue.

Aria is a 15h, 14 y.o., 1000 lb. Arabian mare, barefoot with hard hooves.  She has been extensively schooled in the Parelli program, has been recently ridden, enjoys trails, and offers fabulous liberty play.  She is good for vets and hoof trims and trailer loads easily.  She has excellent ground manners, ties well, and is easy to bathe.  Smart and beautiful, Aria’s conformation is excellent.  She is light and sensitive and respectful of your space.


Aria Conformation

Aria – Conformation

On Nov 1, 2018, Aria had laparoscopic surgery to remove a tumor growing on the left branch of her ovary.  In fact, the surgeon chose to successfully remove both ovaries which is called a Standing Equine Laparoscopic Ovariectomy under local sedation.  So essentially, Aria is a ‘gelding’ and will not cycle into heat.  As a result, she is very even-tempered and not mare-ish to other horses.

Aria’s last dental was performed in February 2020, by Lisa Takesue, DVM.  Her vaccinations for 6-way were given on 4/09/2020, West Nile on 3/25/2020, and Rabies on 5/1/2020 by Richard Brazil, DVM.


Aria All Tacked Up

Let’s go!

We are looking for a loving partner that will regularly ride her on trail, play at liberty with her, enjoy her loving ways, and dutifully care for her needs.  Aria much prefers the company of another horse with her on trail.  Ridden only in a light rope halter and yacht braid reins, she is very responsive.

Her adoption fee is $500.00.

Watch these videos of Aria!

Please contact Riata Ranch Rescue at (888) 605-0159 or email us at, and one of our board members will contact you with more information about Aria and our adoption process.  Please be patient – we are all volunteers!